Give your business an IT Security Audit

IT Security breaches can be time consuming and costly, both financially and to your business’ reputation. Here at Hollis, we want to help our customers avoid downtime; we’re committed to offering the very best in network security and IT infrastructure to help do just that and empower you to protect your business.

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Secure Your Printing Devices

Hundreds of thousands of devices across the world were affected recently by an attack that hijacked printers to print out strange messages.

Large printers in offices, domestic devices and receipt printers in restaurants made by well known manufacturers including HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Lexmark & Minolta were accidentally left accessible via the web and were caught up in the hack.

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Why business owners shouldn’t rush out and buy antivirus

Most people have now heard of the WannaCrypt (or WannaCry) malware, and most business owners have had a bit of a wakeup jolt as they realised that maybe they hadn’t paid as much attention to their system’s security as maybe they should have.

Apart from the headlines, this recent attack has also generated a plethora of companies offering anti-virus solutions to worried business owners. That a good thing surely? Well, maybe not. IT security can be a complex subject and your company data is valuable. Many firms (some only having a vague connection with the IT industry) are trying to cash in on business owners’ worries and are running advertising campaigns offering anti-virus solutions for this recent outbreak.

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Hollis Accredited as a Develop INEO Secure Partner

Hollis has been accredited as a Develop ineo Secure Partner. This key accreditation will enable Hollis to ensure that customers using Develop ineo multifunction print devices are protected against data theft.

According to Wayne Snell, Product Manager for DSales (UK) Ltd, the UK distributor for the Develop range of multifunctional document imaging systems: “We are delighted to welcome Hollis as our latest dealer partner for the industry-leading ineo SECURE UK security service. The company has demonstrated the highest level of commitment to meeting the stringent requirements of this programme and has established a reputation for delivering the highest level of support to customers.”

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VoIP Telephone Solutions

Hollis Office Solutions, the leading Shropshire-based provider of business support solutions, has expanded its portfolio with the addition of the latest internet telephony systems. This further expands the capability of the company which has an established reputation for delivering document management and IT infrastructure solutions to customers operating in both the public and private sectors throughout Shropshire, Mid Wales and the North West.

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Hollis Technology Appoints New Sales Director

OSWESTRY, SHROPSHIRE, 11 OCTOBER 2017 – Hollis Office Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise and education technology solutions, has announced the appointment of Simon Hollister as Sales Director. In this new role, he will be responsible for managing all sales activities and the development and delivery of an ongoing strategy for growth encompassing the company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions which includes security (IT and physical) and surveillance, IT infrastructure, IT support, managed print solutions, backup and storage, compliance and IP telephony.

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